Drought in the Berg River Dam

The Berg River Dam is one of the Western Cape’s major dams and is currently (published on 22 January 2018 by the City of Cape Town) only storing 55% of water. This statistic is shocking, when compared to 2014; when the dam stored a significant 99,4%. How did this happen? The dam’s level made this substantial drop in 2016, due to the low rainfall during that year.

Comparing the percentage of storage for all major dams in the Western Cape from 2014 to 2016, dam levels dropped from 90,8% to 49,3%. And now our dams only store 27,2% of water!

While there are several people doing everything they can to save water, a lot of water still goes to waste. We need to find more innovative ways to reuse the water we have to ensure that our dams don’t run dry.

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